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Enterprise Account Executive Interview Questions


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Do you have a copy of your resume?

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Tell me about a time you were trying to get an appointment and succeeded.

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Why do you want to leave your company after working there for so long? We typically see people with 2 years tenure at various companies.

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I was very surprised at the interviewers ability to ask detailed questions during the web demo. The realism of the demo made it feel like you were in an actual sales pitch, and not simply an interview.

What was your biggest deal and how did you win in.

How can you generate revenue?

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Describe for me your sales process

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Nothing major challenging - as I said mainly behavioral questions - make sure you have some war stories to discuss, client examples etc. and make sure you have done the usual interview preparation - linkedin backgrounds, Read Annual and Quarterly reports etc as talking points. (surprising how many people don't!!!) Generally, I would say it was a difficult interview, clearly had to think about it, if you aren't prepared this would be very difficult.