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The interview questions were on the fly- it was obvious my resume was not even read prior to. Hard to understand the questions as they were not well thought out. The recruiter stressed the upcoming test had no wrong/right answers. This was a TRICK it was a math test that had right/wrong answers and requires you NOT use outside help. I was honest and did not. I tested the questions later and saw that if you Google each question the exact ones have been asked and answered already- hardly a coincidence. Glassdoor is fooling itself if they think everyone passes this test "on their own".( I later found out I did not "pass" and that it is needed in a sales position...huh???)!

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I was asked to describe how my past job experience relates to the position I was interviewing for.

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I was very surprised at the interviewers ability to ask detailed questions during the web demo. The realism of the demo made it feel like you were in an actual sales pitch, and not simply an interview.

Explain Sales Experience

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Why do you want to leave your company after working there for so long? We typically see people with 2 years tenure at various companies.

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Take me from start to finish on two of your biggest deals. Who else from the organization did you need to work alongside to get the deal done? What role did each of you play in the process?

Basic questions: What's the biggest sale you've ever made? What were the challenges? Etc

What was your biggest deal and how did you win in.

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