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I was basically asked why I would entertain leaving my current role. Other than that the focus was on dollar amounts regarding the scale of projects I've worked on.

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I was reluctant to provide any dollar figures regarding project size / scope that I've managed. I felt it was an intrusive thing to ask and unprofessional. I instead gave broad ranges so he could at least understand the magnitude of my largest accomplishments.

I can tell you that providing detail on the scope of your projects is paramount to providing someone unfamiliar with you and your work with the details they need to place you and assess you properly. Asking is neither intrusive nor unprofessional. I can tell you, as someone who is NOT now nor ever been with Optomi, that failing to provide details makes you appear elusive at best and dishonest at worst. While the lack of follow-up on their end is unprofessional, I hope you understand why you did not get any offers through them. Just my two cents / advice as an objective third party.

If we hire you, how will you fix our client web site? (Really? what web site? What's wrong with it? should I have known of it's existence?)

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How do you deal with conflicting teams and their concerns

How do you integrate a cots system which does not have interfaces, apis and service end points

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