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Having and scale and 9 equally shape and color with only one being slightly heavier than the rest, find the heavier ball with minimum number of interactions.

4 Answers

The solution is to divide in 3 groups of 3 balls each and and weight them.

took me 20 seconds to solve. Divide the 9 into 2 groups of 4 and one aside. If the weight is the same for the 2 of 4 the one out is the heavier. If one group of 4 is heavier you know that one group has the heavier element. Divide that 4 into 2 of 2 and measure again. The heavier group of 2 has the heavier element. Measure each one now.

Correction to my solution.The last step only measure ONE of the two. The weight should be 1/4 of the group of 4. So this eliminates the need to do 2 more measures. So total we will have either 1 measure only because the one left out of the first measurement was the heaviest OR 3 to find final.

what are distribute and organize parameters for on a Netezza table ?

2 Answers

How would you convince a large American client that outsourcing their IT department is in their best interest?

2 Answers

I was basically asked why I would entertain leaving my current role. Other than that the focus was on dollar amounts regarding the scale of projects I've worked on.

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What will you do in your job in the first two weeks, month and say in 6 months

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here?

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What would you do the first day, since you're in control of this project? (PM question)

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Did I have the required certification?

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What is a segmented architecture?

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What are some of the reasons groups or companies have problems patching vulnerabilities?

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