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How would you convince a large American client that outsourcing their IT department is in their best interest?

2 Answers

I would first examine the long term effects on morale and corporate perception before ever suggesting outsourcing. Often the short-term cost savings are not worth the long-term damage that outsourcing can create. I also deeply believe that the American workforce is still the most innovative in the world.

I'm not surprised the author of this review did not get hired. He doesn't know the difference between "outsourcing" and "off-shoring". Outsourcing can involve American companies and simply means hiring another company to handle some function of a companies operations. Off-shoring means sending jobs overseas.

What is your brand? (Just had to mention this as the greatest interview question I've ever been asked. I'm going to use myself going forward.)

1 Answer

Having and scale and 9 equally shape and color with only one being slightly heavier than the rest, find the heavier ball with minimum number of interactions.

4 Answers

How would you identify vulnerabilities of a black box operation?

1 Answer

Transactions using EJB's in a J2E Enterprise System.

1 Answer

can you travel to europe

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If we hire you, how will you fix our client web site? (Really? what web site? What's wrong with it? should I have known of it's existence?)

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Tell me what you know about Nordstrom?

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asked about challenges rolling out enterprise applications.

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How to handle "Alpha Dogs" in workplace and how to organize teams that fight one another.

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