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Enterprise Business Representative Interview Questions


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Can you bring high energy all the time?

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Not as straightforward as it may seem, they basically want you to make sure that you can handle being kicked down by customers 100 times a day and still come back in.

Working hard here isn't good enough, you need to produce results, how are you going to produce results?

Why Salesforce? What was your best win? What was your best loss? What would your boss say about you if we call and asked them?

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What role would BrightEdge play in your life/career five years from now?

Have you ever failed professionally?

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Have you ever had a hard time working with disgruntled co-workers?

What part of this sales job will be the most difficult for you?

"Sell BrightEdge to me" "Why BrightEdge?" "How do you handle failure/being turned down?" The questions came organically but they will throw a lot at back at you to see how your mind works. For example, when I asked them a question about what they're looking for in a candidate they threw it back saying, "what qualities do you think we're looking for?:" etc...stay away from basic questions like that.