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Prepare a sales presentation and present to a panel with 7 days prep time. Goal: Get a meeting with C-level executives.

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Prepped, studies my rear end off, knew the market, the companies, their clients, the case studies, had examples. Came in and knocked their socks off.

Understand my organizations long term goals and tailor it to its benefit while always adapting to change. Show I understand my business and my competition, focus on delivering a presentations that shares and demonstrates my believes so that I can attract those who believe what I believe. Instead of asking the consumer "what we can do for you to like us better" -

What would you do in your first 30, 60 and 90 days on the job?

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What would you do if...? How would you handle...? Tell me about yourself. Describe a complex sales process. Who would you contact to initiate a sale? Tell me the KPIs for this position.

Tell me about a sale you completed - what did you do to win.

I was presented with an actual scenario that the team was dealing with that week and we worked through it on the whiteboard together.

Tell me about a significant mistake that you made in your past?

What do you know about ABM and evidence an example where I've used it or been involved in it.

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