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Enterprise Software & Network Solutions interview questions

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(In response to stating VMware lun sizing best practice) Why would volume management of smaller luns result in lower performance than a large lun (meta)?

1 Answer

Primarily due to larger amount of locking needed, but also due to immaturity of ESX volume management. Using few metas (luns) striped across a similar number of spindles, and similar port use, as the many smaller devices provides the same physical I/O performance with less overhead in ESX.

How would I handle a question I could not answer, but was expected to give an answer to right away

1 Answer

What's an API?

1 Answer

What did i do to solve recruiting/sourcing challenges in a tight labor market.

2 Answers

Can you tell me how you would manage a new product launch?

1 Answer

Tell me the thought process and planning as well as the execution in the launching a product x or creating a positioning for a product/feature Y.

1 Answer

What is your experience in operating tools to assess the security of IT networks?

1 Answer

Q: Why multiple inheritances are not supported in Java?

1 Answer

Explain the difference between an inner join and outer join.

1 Answer

What were some of your most challenging deployments and how did you resolve those challenges?

1 Answer
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