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Array reverse without using iteration. Code in C.

3 Answers


unsigned int A[N] (is global variable) l - is left index r - is right index swap(unsigned int l , unsigned int r) { tmp = A [ r ]; A [ r ] = A [ l ]; A[ l ] = tmp; } void reverse ( unsigned int l , unsigned int r ) { if ( l + 1 >= r ) return; reverse( l + 1 , r - 1 ); swap( l , r ); } Call it by: reverse ( 0 , N - 1 );

#include #define ARRAY_SIZE 20 void reverse( int *array, unsigned int l, unsigned int r ); int main(int argc, char** argv) { int array[ARRAY_SIZE]; int i; printf("Before: "); for( i = 0; i = r ) { return; } int tmp = array[l]; array[l] = array[r]; array[r] = tmp; reverse( array, l+1, r-1); }

Given an array with each array elements containing a random cost (i.e {10, 5, 2, 200, 5, 1}). You can either step through element 1 by 1 or skip by 1 element (i.e array[0] > array[2] > array[3] > array[5]). Find the lowest cost from element 0 to N.

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Verilog code for Dlatch, DFF?,Blocking Non Blocking? Gave a layout (color) ? asked what gate is it? Given +ve Edge Triggered FF diagram, Asked to explain what is it & How is operates? Design Full Adder with minimum gates?

1 Answer

Do you have any experience on ATPG Testing? Device Physics Question? Do you know anything reliability? Explain Bath Tub Curve IN DETAIL various regions & Why & How to reduce? What is Electromigration? why? what is the reduce? what is Failure rate?

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Do you have experience on ATPG Tester? Some Statistics question like Standard deviation, mean, meadian, mode etc.. did you work any statistics tools before?

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Rapid fire round do you know how to use linux?where did you use it etc... how to search for a single word in a file of 1000 Words txt file related questions? Do you know programming language ? how to write to search a word walk through sequence of steps how do you do it?... What is the difference b/w verilog & C programming? How do you handle? How do you run other operating system in the same PC.? (Virtual box) Do you use Laptop or Desktop why processor? Do you know What is x86 and x64? and there differences? Do you use graphic user interface (UI) when you software update on your mac? or use command prmpt? asked so many different questions related to computer and took notes of my answers in his latop.

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Explain a problem in your job and explain how do you handle it? How do you handle work stress? Where can you see yourself in 5 years? How do you communicate with a employer who doesn't work in the same office of required? how do you adjust your time while working?planning?

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How would you rate your team working skill?

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I was asked to estimate the time it would take to excavate mt. fuji with a dump truck. More of a critical thinking analysis.

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some bit manipulation question

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