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Entry Level Behavior Therapist was asked...February 14, 2018

What kind of games would you come up with if you were given a cup, a ball, and a pen?

1 Answers

Tipping the cup on its side, I could play a game with our breath, and try blowing the ball into the cup, or even using the pen to guide the ball into the cup. Less

Center for Autism and Related Disorders

What is your favorite activity when working with children? How do you react when a child bites/hits, etc? What would you say are your greatest strengths/weaknesses?

1 Answers

I love singing and dancing. And making them laugh. Now when a kid bites me my first reaction is to get him safely off of bitting. Then a redirect. And tell him/ her why you don't hit or bite. And write and incident report. And put it in the behavioral program. My weakness is worrying about my clients more then me. And strength is I'm patience and calm under pressure and I care about making my client getting one step further in life Less


What was the biggest challenge you have encountered while you were working with kids on the spectrum before and how did you solve it?

Autism Learning Partners

They asked me question about what I would do if I was put in certain scenarios.

Beacon ABA Services

Previous experience, willingness to deal with the horrible fee for service and “benefits”


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