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Q: Can you explain the how the random forest algorithm works?

4 Answers

I answered this question completely and with high accuracy.

Personality also plays a big role in candidate selection. Have you thought that maybe they wanted to change their frat culture and hire someone more humble? One of their core values on their site is literally "Stay Hungry; Stay Humble"

Nothing unhumble was said.

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general machine learning questions one algorithm question found in leetcode

1 Answer

What's the difference between R and Python

1 Answer

Why did you use SVM in your project for perspective analysis? What else could you have used instead of it?

1 Answer

Read statistics, do not focus on machine learning only as in my case they didn't ask anything from ML.

First round- Resume based + HR questions Second round- same as above Onsite- - A series of questions related to Data Science (to gauge your knowledge level) and past projects were asked in the technical rounds. - Typical HR questions in both the HR rounds.

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