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What pets did you have as a child

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two dogs, two cats, three hermit crabs, one hamster, two beta fish and shared a dog with our next door neighbors

The VP of sales who I interviewed with was not looking for a conversation. The thing that through me off the most with the interview process is that he did not even once go over my resume. The hardest question that he asked was "What are your 2 weaknesses?"

I got all the way to the interview with the hiring manager and the question that I did not see coming was in regards to me staying in the area. It wasn't so much a question as a statement I was required to answer to. "I see that in your current job you have moved around quite a bit. How do I know that you will stay in the area?" I explained that my wife is in a long term career path in the local library system and that at minimum we would be in the area for five more years but that she was being groomed for a promotion already that would have us rooted here longer. This apparently was not good enough because I was then grilled about the chances of her not getting the position and what would happen then. In all honesty, for an entry level position that is generally given to recent college graduates with no sales experience and has a 50% turn over rate, I do not understand why the hiring process was so difficult. Up until that interview I had received feedback on every step of the way. After that portion of the interview all feedback stopped. I was not given any information as to why I had not moved forward in the process.

When was a time I felt challenged at my previous job and how did I handle it?

What are you passionate about? Out of these what is least important in the sales process? What is most important? Rapport Closing Presenting Follow up

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