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Telogical Systems
Entry Level Research Analyst was asked...September 4, 2010

Tell me about a time you've had a conflict with a professor/manager/co-worker.

2 Answers

"I haven't an any particular issues that come to mind. Besides minor disputes that were easily resolved, I've gotten along with most co-workers and managers." Although this is an intuitive answer and true for many people that stay away from conflict, this is not a good answer for the soulless interviewers at HR. They want an answer in the STAR format. That is: a specific situation or task (conflict), the action you took, and the response/result of the action (what happened and what did you learn from it). Less

I haven't an any particular issues that come to mind. Besides minor disputes that were easily resolved, I've gotten along with most co-workers and managers. Less


Why do you want to work with Ipsos.

1 Answers

pay range in extremely low considering how much preparation you need to do for the interview and how much work you need to do. Less


How I became interested in the position offered.

1 Answers

I have a background in Biomedical Engineering where a lot of my research and development is pre-clinical trials. We also learn the device development process from device discovery and concept to FDA post market device safety monitoring. This new found information drove me to read (for entertainment) the book "Innovation Breakdown: How the FDA and Wall Street Cripple Medical Advances" The book introduced the idea of Clinical Trials and their importance in the advancement of medical innovation. The CRA position gave me an opportunity to not only learn more about the FDA process, but allow me to monitor new and exciting medical advances within the FDA process. I understood steps in the pre-clinical world and wanted to gain experience in the clinical trial process. Less

I was asked to complete a "Basic Spreadsheet Proficiency" test.

1 Answers

See review.

Ned Davis Research Group

What is the difference between nominal and real interest rates?

1 Answers

Nominal interest rates does not take inflation into account while real rate of interest takes inflation into account and its the rate which bank would charge you. Less


You had a follow up visit with a subject who needs labs done, they went to lab but the lab technician said she didn’t get it but you had already given the subject drug. What would you do?

1 Answers

Don’t panic requests for new test to be done on the subject.

Georgia Tech Research Institute

Describe a system, your work on it, electrical and mechanical interfaces.

Georgia Tech Research Institute

Describe your experience with radar. Describe how radar detects objects. Describe how to prevent radar detection.

Georgia Tech Research Institute

How do you deal with conflict?

Telogical Systems

How can you apply your education and experience to the work you might do at Telogical?

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