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I can't wrap my head around how you create a cultural change so quickly if you're not there that long. Explain that to me again!

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I'm good at what I do and very strategic in how I do it. It's my formula for success.

Tell me how you would build a team?

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What are your salary expectations?

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Dealing with having to do ways of the older facilities that were not compatible to our arena, and would often use phases such as tribel knowledge,

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As an EHS Manager, what will you do everyday?

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The VP asked me " I know you have the education and experience, tell what something about yourself that is not capture in your resume"

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Most questions were straightforward, but they did ask me what areas I may need to improve in. However, that's a fair question that you can easily prepare for.

What is customer service to you? What does customer service mean in this job?

None interview does not cover any typical questions mostly personnel and meant to catch interviewee off guard.

What would you do if you knew someone was padding their expense reports?

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