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What sector has performed the best in the past 20 years?

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When the discount rate is lowered in a DCF model, what happens to NPV?

1 Answer

What do you know about our industry we are covering?

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Do you know how to build financial models?

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Pitch stock recommendations (specifically related to a sector I'd covered in a previous job).

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How would you identify a company's success looking backwards if you were given 10 yrs of financial statements?

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Asked basic binary option pricing questions and what is the fair value of a security, expected value questions

Nothing out of the ordinary. Asked to pitch a stock.

There are four ants at four corners of a square. They all start moving toward another random corner at the same speed and travel along one side (only along the sides of the square – not diagonally). What is the probability that there is not a collision? Round to the nearest 0.25%.

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What is WACC, CAPM, Beta, Previous Experiences, If Depreciation was 100m and tax was 20 million, explain the effect on the IS/BS/CFS.

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