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What are your most significant contributions in past job, what would you do in this situation type questions

Basic let's get to know each other, tell me about your resume type questions

No hard or unexpected questions. Just your usual Why are you leaving your current firm? Why Deloitte? What do expect to gain while working here? Do you work well with others?

tell us about a time you completely failed something? what was the outcome? how did you handle it?

All questions were easy. they will see if a employee can communicate with client and have a conversation with client.

Why do you want to leave your current employer?

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Why professional services and how will you make a difference in the next 6 months?

Describe a time when working in a team was difficult and explain how you handled it.

I had put on my resume that one of my skills was public speaking since I worked as a tour guide for my university's admissions department for 4 years and also did some Q&A sessions with high school students. The ERS partner called me out on this skill and had me, on the spot, prove to him that this was a skill and I wasn't just using it since it makes me look good. I basically had to talk for about 5-10 min straight about myself and a common topic of the partner's choosing (Why I wanted to be an auditor) and essentially hold a conversation for the entire interview.

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