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Name five diabetic medications. Name 5 hypertension questions. What is a formulary? What is Member utilization? with previous employers what has been my reaction to criticism from a lead/supervisor/manager on my performance. I Also asked about co-pays/member liability for medications.

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Provided brand and generic names of drugs, from 3 different types of DM drug classes, same with hypertensive drugs. Explain MU and different types of formularies/drug list. Regarding previous employer performance criticism I responded by making sure to take the critisim as cusnstructive and used it to improve as an employee. I discussed the co-pays I was familiar with regard preferred, non prefered, brand and generic and tier leves for Medicare plans.

What's the most important factor in marketing?

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I cannot recall any difficult questions per say but was asked if working nights would be a problem. The question was related to an upcoming project that was to be preformed during the night because it being a fully functional operating business.

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They don't ask you any questions. Just sell you the job. The only thing they might ask is what makes you different from all the rest. .

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Why do you want this job

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mainly questions in data storage and scalability issues.

Examples of using research methods and drawing conclusions

What are your goals for life?

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