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What is the fasted method to determine the lightest coin using a balance scale if you have 8 same weight coin and 1 lighter coin.

2 Answers

4 on each side of the scale and if it balances you have the lightest in hand.

Assuming you mean fastest, on this question and not fasted. If you test four coins on each side and wait for it to balance, the maximum number of test is 9 and in that case you should just test it one at a time. Instead I would start the same and proceed kinda like a binary search. four on each side and one in your had if it balances it's the one in your hand otherwise continue remove all coins from the heavier side and take the coins from the lighter side and split them in half now you have two on each side, repeat this step one more time. Maximum number of test is 3.

Talk about your responsibilities as a global mobile business analysis.

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Recurssive SQL syntax

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What makes a good ETL design?

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First of all they dont give you the salary range for the position or anything and they conduct phone interview for 15-20 minutes which i think is a waste of time and after that they will call for a face-to face for 1 hr which is another waste of time.They dont even know what they actually want and keep on interviewing people wasting there precious time.NEver ever apply for a position in this company and i have heard rumours about people not getting paid even for several months.

If I was given a service ticket outline the steps I would go through to resolve the issue.

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Various specific questions about how to approach the development problems faced using the applicable technology.

Basic Informatica questions, Also discussed about Oracle and Unix concepts.

How to avoid latency in SQL server when multiple users are accessing the same information(table and DB)?

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