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How many cows are in Canada

101 Answers

It depends.........

Ask the folks at Department of ... whichever the department that already has this information. There is no need to start from scratch if this information is already available from a trustworthy source. But, if this department doesn't exist, then we can start by: - estimating the population of Canada - the number who drink cow milk and how much - the percentage of milk imported - the percentage of milk exported - the percentage of milk wasted - the percentage of milk used in other products - the amount of milk produced by a cow - from these numbers, get an estimate of the number of cows

The approach should be as follows, please correct or improve the answer. 1. Estimate how much cow milk is produced in a day in Canada before it is processed and so on. A cow produces milk everyday except except for a time before it becomes pregnant with another calf. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Does_a_cow_give_milk_every_day#ixzz2HiOmEXWc 2. Find out how much milk a cow produces per day on an average. 3. Divide #1 by #2 and you should have an answer. This is an approx answer.

A lengthy and difficult exam, with NO SUPPORT DURING THE LEARNING PROCESS

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How well do you work in teams?

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What would you do when you finish your work and there's nothing to do?

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If I would be comfortable with a mobile type job-going to clients homes to do health assessments.

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How do you deal with 'passionate' people? this question can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

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Explain HPLC to someone who knows nothing about chemistry.

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What is our MEL experience with US grants?

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