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"If we need to sell 10% of the mops in one hour and I speak to an average of 2 people per minute, how many people do I need to talk to to reach our goal?"

1 Answer

20 - but this should not have been asked for a supposed Event Planning position, even if it is entry level

how well do you handle stress and in what ways do you handle pressure?

1 Answer

What are your weaknesses. I never know how to answer this one.

1 Answer

Describe a time when something you planned went wrong, and how did you react?

1 Answer

Almost all of the questions were stated as, "Describe a situation when..."

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Are you teachable and can you teach others?

Where do you see yourself in three years?

1 Answer

No difficult questions. Very specific Q&A to background and experience for current role.

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