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What was my commitment to health.

2 Answers

We are all at different places in our journey, and some of us take longer to get to our destination. *Apparently for Innanya, anything over a size 4 is unhealthy.

This post is 100% accurate!! The owner is so rude and not in any way what she tries to make herself appear to any of the travel industry people who come to tour the place. And yes everyone who works there is very slim. It seems she does not hire you if you're the least bit overweight. She is nothing she preaches to be, AT ALL.

If I thought I was qualified for the job?

1 Answer

How would you deal with multi-cultural and multi-lingual employees of my staff of over 60+?

1 Answer

Asked how much I paid for my watch.

1 Answer

What are you passionate about?

1 Answer

What foods would you pair together and why...

1 Answer

none of the questions were difficult nothing that I could not answer

1 Answer

Why would you like to work for us.

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