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Freelancers are famously renegade, lone-wolf types who live by their own rules and eschew corporate culture. How would you feel moving into a more structured, albeit not hyper-corporate, environment?

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That's a good question. In the past couple of years, I've really been yearning for an opportunity I could sink my teeth into, with a company I could grow with. I'm tired of having to reinvent the wheel every day, and look to find an environment with mentors like yourself who can help me grow into my highest self.

One of the toughest things about being a freelancer is the one-project nature of the work. There's little opportunity to work on projects on a long-term basis that could contribute significantly to the future development of a company. Rather than working on one-off projects, I'm looking for an opportunity to make a substantial contribution to an organization that I believe in. This position offers me a chance to pursue that opportunity and really make a difference.

The most unexpected question came in the beginning from the HR person. They asked "How do you fix a toaster?"

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do you have any pets?

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What motivates me most in the workplace

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My vision for the new studio and client targets.

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Asked about my experience, what I was looking for, who would be a good fit for them...

Unexpected question on the first meeting was "What are the names of the talent that you think we should go after to hire in order to change the image and work of the company". (I was taken aback because I did not even know that we were on an official interview, had I known what the job was for and what their needs were I would have been prepared to answer the question.

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