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Why do you think it's been so difficult to obtain full-time employment within your field?

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It was asked twice, once on phone & in person interview. I think this was not a great question to get to know me better as they knew I had 20 yrs experience , references and work samples.I mean come on with the recession, it's a employers market, and I live in the mountains-it tough out there for anyone.

Thanks for your comments I am looking to work for this employer and you are right it is an employers market. The other side of this coin is that an MSP which is really what they are provides a small to medium sized business to not hire someone full time and pay them benefits to handle their IT infrastructure which as we both know is very important to most companies. Instead they can use the MSP to handle all their needs and not worry about hiring someone full time to fill an important position.

What are your day to day activities in your current role?

1. How do you handle stressful environments? 2. How do you deal with difficult personalities? 3. How do you handle projects tasked to you with very little direction? 4. VP is always late to meetings, what do you think you can contribute to getting him on track? Many more in-depth questions but this will give you an idea on how to prep for the face-to-face interview.

What attracted you to this job posting?

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Hotel Experience?

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They asked for more details from my prior employment.

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