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Executive secretary Interview Questions

"As an executive secretary, you are expected to be able to handle the schedules for high-level executives, prepare statistical reports, and handle information requests, all in a professional manner. In an interview context, employers will want to get a feel for your personality, your experience in working in a corporate setting, and what you believe that you can bring to the company. You may have to role-play a situation where you must deal with a difficult person or diffuse a situation. To ace your interview, bring a positive attitude and emphasize that you are willing to go above and beyond to assist others."

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How do you handle various projects at one time?

2 Answers

Schedule them out in advance and make sure you hit your daily goals. Ask for help when needed.

Review them daily and organize them by priority while being sure to consider time thats involved for each task as well

What strengths do you bring to the division?

2 Answers

what do you think the most important characteristic of a successful secretary is?

2 Answers

Give an example of how you have dealt with and Irate client or customer.

1 Answer

Why did I want to return to corporate? What sort of placement was I looking for? What sort of business culture did I feel most comfortable in? In short, where would I be comfortable when placed.

1 Answer

Give an example of a time you dealt with a difficult customer and how did you resolve the issue?

1 Answer

What would you do if 2 attorneys asked for different tasks, at the same time and both had the same filing deadline?

1 Answer

Give an example of a time when you gave great customer service.

1 Answer

Can you type 55 WPM

8 Answers

"Do you know SAP?" "The current employee in this position seems to have a lot of free time - what would you do to occupy your downtime?"

5 Answers
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