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Largest Citrix and EPIC Deployments I had designed and managed

1 Answer

25000 users, 85 hospitals and 125 Clinics

How many years experience in Truck manufacturing?

1 Answer

Went straight to 25 min live coding test: Algorithm to find 3 cities in an array that summed add up to an N value.

1 Answer

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

14 Answers

was offered the same position that we were in before being outsourced. There was no one on one face to face contact

3 Answers

Can you describe a situation where a customer was upset?

2 Answers

What are some of your Weaknesses

1 Answer

Most difficult question was about availability which was not hard at all. So...

1 Answer

"What does SCSI stand for?"

1 Answer

describe a problem and how you overcame it

1 Answer
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