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FACE to FACE FUNDRAISER Interview Questions


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There wasn't any difficult questions really, bringing up that I had a felony wasn't too comfortable. I was only a DUI Felony, but still a felony. He was. again, very kind, asked how long ago it was and if I had gotten everything taken care of, and asked if I were on probation, and said that they would have not problems on the days that I had to meet with my probation officer. So once again, the hardest part of the interview for me was that issue and it flowed like honey, but perhaps not really, as I never received that "Your Hired" phone call at 5/6 O'Clock like they said I would get if chosen. : (ffff

Can you come in Monday morning? Never asked was I employed or available.

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What are you passionate about? What motivates you?

Honestly don't remember what most of the questions for the interview process were

There weren't many questions. If you can talk and walk they will hire you.

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