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WellMed Medical Management
Facility Manager was asked...December 20, 2012

How would you implement key control?

1 Answers

Audit and record all issued keys. Create a database for access control and levels of access. Less

Elder Care Alliance

How would I deal with or resolve issues with caregivers (CNA's) who didn't want to let the activities be done? This was a tricky question as the CNA's are under the RN, not under the activity director.

1 Answers

Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. If a CNA is preventing an activity from occurring, it has to be reported to the R.N. In most facilities that take medicare/medicaid, activities programs are required by the state. So this would be considered insubordination and should be grounds for dismissal. In a work environment that has different departments, it is extremely important to understand it is much more beneficial to work with each other than against each other. Less


The online assessment was odd so be prepared. There are some scheduling questions, math/calculation questions, logics. Most of these can be done using a calculator and reading the graph, chart. There are grids asking about staff/patient ratios that you have to interpret. This section is timed and the questions are not always clear. You have enough time (I finished with 20 mins to spare), so think, breathe and go slowly. There is a timer. The next set of questions are behavioral: how do you make decisions, are you a leader/follower, are you a team player etc. For these the "desired" answers are pretty obvious.

4 Answers

I start the assessment but the time it's over. I want to finish but I don't found any link or contact to help me access again. Less

I applied for the RN position in Colquit Ga. I received a link to the employment assessment but it will not allow me access Less

I start the assessment but the time it's over. I want to finish but I don't found any link or contact to help me access again. Less

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Are able to work 12 hour rotating shifts?

3 Answers

Even though I have not worked 12 hour rotating shifts I currently work 10 hour shifts and what's two more hours. I also have worked the night shift a lot and I prefer it. Less


Yes I have worked 12 shifts on coal fired power plants for 20 years


Technical questions vary from one Technical Authority to the next. Must difficult would probably be what exactly is the difference between school and real life.

2 Answers

After how long from your onsite interview you received the final decision call?

In real life the questions are not set up for you. You will not have all the parameters and you will have to make educated assumptions. Less

Nestlé USA

hourly wage questions first???

2 Answers

suggested to open discussion after verification of experience.



1) How is R3 chemical looked like

2 Answers

Blue Colour

Glass and Mirror Cleaner


small chit chat

2 Answers

applied for position

You NEED to call Them back! They never call you back you need to call them if you really want the Job. I worked for Cintas for 3 years and I had to make al the calls back to get the Job they never called me except to offer the job so keep bugging them its a great job once you get it infact Im considering going back to them soon if I can no tfind a new job soon Less


How will you segregate the customer complaints

2 Answers


From most critical


Why do you want to work for Cintas?

2 Answers

Wanted to work for them long time I'm 37 now I was 20 years old

Much room for career growth and good compensation

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