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Stratford University
Adjunct Faculty was asked...April 4, 2014

Describe your teaching style.

2 Answers

My teaching style is similar to the tea, "Constant Comment." I teach online and I enter the classroom every day. I respond to each student's initial post and often respond to their answer to me. It is my experience that students appreciate the attention and work harder for me than they do other instructors. Less

There is no easy answer for this, but the way you answer will help determine if you are a good fit for the types of students they have and a good fit for the campus. Less

University of Washington

What was my interest in teaching this course.

1 Answers

I explained how teaching these general courses always expanded my view of my own narrow field. Now this answer wouldn't be helpful so far... the key is to explain how particular aspects of a course (that you would teach) inspire your academic pursuits. Perhaps you will find that teaching the course would be hell. Good luck, all. Less

The Art Institutes

"How would you handle a student who thought you were too young / too old to teach?"

1 Answers

What they want to hear: Be so amazing (or engaging- buzzword) they forget all about age. Redirect their attention. Talk about how you relate to the youth of the day (using twitter to update assignments, prezzies, candy for showing up on time- not joking) What this means: many in the student body look for any reason to stop listening to you and start playing with their phones. Less

Post University

What is your educational philosophy?

4 Answers

I'm sorry the instructor declined teaching over the issue of training. Most universities, Post included, want to have a consistent message in the classroom both in terms on content and in terms of the type and level of student engagement that best reflects the institution. At Post, instructors engage with the students a lot and are regular users of the LMS. The training is intended to help establish what Post feels is important in the classes, not the "one-sey, two-sey, Peter-Rabbit" approach to doing on-line teaching. It's more of an investment in understanding the University's approach. Sorry he (or she) felt that way. The training, by the way is only two weeks and is taught asynchronously to accommodate potential instructor's schedules. Less

At least you could pay for training. Many for-profits do.

I agree with the original poster, unpaid training from a for-profit is unacceptable. The pay rate is sub-par as it is, but that is the life of an adjunct. The training didn't help at all either, they never addressed the required follow up with academic services or how to use the grade book. There is room for a lot of improvement. Less

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Abu Dhabi Education Council

How would I deal with students who may not understand the value of education?

3 Answers

I explained that I'd create an effective academic space condusive to learning where students could foster a yearning for more knowledge. I'd teach in a way that relates to individual learning styles and applicable to their reality. Less

I always believe in " purposes/reasons " if one knows why they are doing something, it takes on a whole new meaning. Children can be very self observant. Therefore, if you bring the focus to them and ask them why they are here, why did you get out of bed to be here, what is in your back pack who put it there and why? Make it all about them, it worked for me for many years. Yes,yes, yes, the environment plays a huge role in a child's acceptance to wanting to be part of it. Have them help set it up. Allow them to be part of the decisions about their home away from home. Less

Yes that's very true and once they are able to understand class systems, acceptable behaviors, begin to show growth and development and the ability to speak English, you then may very well take that extra step in having them become more autonomous with how they want to learn and be more hands on with decision making..the key is consistency, organized systems, behavior and classroom management and then everything else falls into place.. Less

tell me about yourself

2 Answers

i give him the ans as per my resume

Myself durgalal dangi My father name is Shri ramprasad dangi I have completed MSc maths Less

Pensacola State College

What would you do outside the classroom to promote PSC?

2 Answers

Always maintain a professional behavior that will attract potential nursing students to me, then I can make recommendations Less

I would attend events, tutor students in need, publish papers, and use my experience in social outreach to aid PSC in their continued growth in anyway I can. Less

King Faisal University

What is your last salary

2 Answers

why you want to join king faisal

i have interested to join

Aptech Computer Education

What experience do you have in schools?

2 Answers

I have 1 Yrs Experience in teaching field but not in school but in institute.

I have no experience in any institute but i have provided tutions for 6 years

University of Southern Indiana
Faculty was asked...September 9, 2015

I know we aren't allowed to ask this, but are you married?

2 Answers

I asked why they wanted to know.

No the question you should never ask is how old are you ,but how does that help me get the job? Less

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