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Describe your teaching style.

2 Answers

There is no easy answer for this, but the way you answer will help determine if you are a good fit for the types of students they have and a good fit for the campus.

My teaching style is similar to the tea, "Constant Comment." I teach online and I enter the classroom every day. I respond to each student's initial post and often respond to their answer to me. It is my experience that students appreciate the attention and work harder for me than they do other instructors.

What was my interest in teaching this course.

1 Answer

"How would you handle a student who thought you were too young / too old to teach?"

1 Answer

What is your educational philosophy?

4 Answers

How would I deal with students who may not understand the value of education?

3 Answers

I know we aren't allowed to ask this, but are you married?

2 Answers

What would you do outside the classroom to promote PSC?

2 Answers

Examples of type of teaching i prefer to use

2 Answers

How do you handle difficult students?

2 Answers

All questions were from scripts, which ALL of the faculty committee read from.

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