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How I would handle a situation where what I learned in class ( textbook ) may differ from what my preceptor may be instructing me was the way that procedure may actually handled on the unit.

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I simply stated I would ask my preceptor what the rationale was behind the difference in technique or protocol for the particular item, but I would do so, outside of the patients room / not in front of patient or family AS LONG as I felt patient safety was not an issue. If patient safety was an issue, i would ask to speak to my preceptor outside of the patients room before any procedure was done, to clarify the change in protocol / physician orders, etc...before any action was taken with said patient.

Why NICU? Tell us about a time where you worked as apart of a team? Strengths and weaknesses?

What pediatric experience do you have?

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What sets you apart?

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Discussed background and experience. This was a very informal process, as I had the position based on my years of experience and many references from current employees.

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