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Manager Interview Questions in Falls Church, VA

"Companies count on managers to make smart team decisions and oversee group members in order to maintain deadlines and keep operations running smoothly. Be prepared to answer several situational questions that will evaluate your time management skills, problem solving abilities, and ease in leading a team. Employers will also expect you to be well-versed in products and operations, so make sure to brush up on the department's relevant work."

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Give me an example of a difficult customer and how you dealt with him/her

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Active listening - seek to understand the problem, rather than defending my actions. Then collaboratively seek a mutually agreeable plan for correcting the problem.

Was asked to do propose a strategic solution to a complex current business problem.

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What do you describe as commitment to your job and what sacrifices are you willing to make your store a success and maintain a profitable year.

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Nothing stood out to me as being a tough question. Mostly about my past experience.

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How do your skills benefit CSC?

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Whar questions do you have?

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How do your skills and ablities fit this job?

Each interviewer has full autonomy over there time with you so there are really no repeat questions. The 1 on 1 itself was much more conversational - not a one sided Q & A.

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