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How do you feel you are qualified to deal with death?

3 Answers

Don't know if there is a wrong answer because of the turnover.


Yes, give examples of the 2 pre-arranged tradional burial funerals I planned, both for my parents, as the POA. In addition, worked at a senior assisted living community where death always accured, and I often talked to friends and families before, during hospice and after death. I am a good listener.

I was asked if I am comfortable working solo assignments.

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What do you think it will take to make it in sales.

1 Answer

What do you tell a wife who doesn't have the money to bury her husband, even though the funeral is minutes away from occurring?

1 Answer

Do you mind working for minimum wage plus commissions?

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Standard interviewing process

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How many hours do you think it takes to be successful in this line of work?

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How would you get a baby/little kid to smile and look at the camera?

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Where did you work before?

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Do u have a another stream of income until you start making the big bucks, then you will qualify for our yearly trip.

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