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Fast-Food & Quick-Service Restaurants interview questions

Starbucks Interviews /  HQ: Seattle, WA

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Chick-fil-A Interviews /  HQ: Atlanta, GA

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Subway Interviews /  HQ: Milford, CT

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Interview Questions

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What are your strengths and weakness.

2 Answers

as any one would.

Strengths: team player, responsible, reliable, good at time management, etc. Weaknesses: get caught up in small details, etc. (make sure to follow up by explaining how you are working to improve on this)

What would you do if a client was upset with you on the phone?

1 Answer

What accounting softwares do you know? Are you familiar with Mas90? If not, do you think you can learn quickly and be able to come up to speed with our current projects?

1 Answer

What does hospitality mean to you?

1 Answer

room, desk and car which do you clean first

21 Answers

How would you handle a franchisee who did not want to follow an idea or suggestion you created?

5 Answers

How would you handle an irate customer?

3 Answers

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

3 Answers

is it alright to take money from the cash register?

2 Answers

Do you even want to be here?

2 Answers
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