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What makes you better than the last canidate I just interviewed just prior to you an hour ago????

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I will not give you an answer but I will comment......... I observed his "list" of interviewers for the day and I was the only one. My name was on the top line and only line. I know this because there were 24 lines. I was number 1 and 2-24 were blank. He had no interviewers prior to me. I thought that was funny inside but I was able to answer it more easily cause I did not feel any pressure from a false question. Hard to explain. I did not call him out b/c that would be stupid but just laughed inside.

Tell me something about yourself that your resume or application does not tell me.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Was asked to sell the table we were interviewing at to the HR manager by describing it's features and how it could benefit him as a consumer.

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Tell me one time you succeeded in getting someone to buy something?

What is Office 365?, Explain what does plan E1,E3 and E5 includes ?

Most of the questions in the first interview are just getting to know you. In the final interview, it's mainly "Tell me about a time when..." type of questions.

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