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Behavioral/Resume: Expect classic interview questions. Also be able to explain every little detail on your resume and how those details fit into the work you would be doing for the company. I was pushed hard on time-management skills. Prepare an answer for a question about leadership - whether it's your own style or one you try to emulate. Case Study: You're expected to ask the "right" questions. So gather yourself, think about what you weren't told, and ask strategic questions to get more comprehensive answers from the interviewer.

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I answered the leadership question by explaining how a leader should always exhibit all three of the following: 1) vision 2) communication skills 3) interpersonal skills. Elaborate on each bullet point. (sticking with three components for each answer is a sure-fire way to illustrate depth of understanding and your own communication skills).

Behavioral: Give an example demonstrating your integrity.

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Case: Estimate the cost-effectiveness of a mobile healthcare platform in rural Africa and recommend an investment decision.

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At the end of every interview: do you have any questions for us?

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What makes a good leader? Why consulting? What industry?

Do you have experience in financial auditing?

Two case studies related to Federal agencies

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