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Questions were mainly research specific

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I tried to answer as good as I could

Hi, the information you posted in helpful, however I would like to know what kind of research question did they ask you? Werethe question were related to your past research experience, the techniques that you manage, or about your research plan? Did they ask you for a specific technique? Do you live in Atlanta? If don't, they pay you travel expensives? Thank you so much!!!!

I strongly depends on the person you interview with. When you apply for a Postdoc position you mainly talk to the PI who wants to hire you. You will probably also talk to people in the lab because you are supposed to work with them. I have seen interviews that lasted an entire day, including giving a talk, lunch, talk to potential collaborators and dinner. If you apply for a T32 position they may be able to pay for your travel expenses. So it really varies from case to case. Read up on stuff they are doing in the lab. Show interest, Good luck.

Why do you want to teach

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Before you enter the room for your personal interview, the selector gives everyone a card with feedback on their lesson and you need to redo the first minute of your demo lesson while implementing that feedback.

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All kinds of questions about various classroom scenarios.

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Describe yourself?

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Why do you want to be a teacher

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What is your greatest achievement?

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A hypotetical situation: you are a teacher in a school teaching 3rd graders and your principal hasn't hired an english teacher even when he promised that he would soon. how would you convinve him?

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While presenting I was asked to switch gears a little and imagine I was talking to a community board instead, something which I hadn't prepared for.

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The interview day included a group assignment in which groups made a collective decision about a transformation school within a fictional neighborhood. Groups presented to another group and answered questions.

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