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Pretend that I am a professor and you want me to work with you on a campeign. How would you approach me to get me on board?

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Hi, my name is (blank). I work for USPIRG, and currently I'm working to petition legislators to overturn (blank) law. So far, we've garnered a lot of public support, but we're looking right now for a person who can give us a sound legal perspective on the issues that we're tackling. That's why I'm asking you to get involved in our cameign. We're looking for someone with legal experience and knowledge of these issues to advocate our position. WOuld you be interested in getting involved?

Tell me about your passion for education

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Leadership experience will be discussed!

How would you approach writing a program to solve a sliding tile puzzle?

Write a function that takes a given amount of money as input and returns the number of ways to make that amount of money in coins.

Describe a time when you had a conflict the a customer, how did you resolve it?

Suppose you need to get some important data from a doctor and no matter the deadline they still have not given you the information, how would you go about getting that information?

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