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A circuit was drawn on the whiteboard consisting of two op-amps with reference voltages and and input voltage going into both op-amps. The outputs of the mosfet each had diodes, which were both attached to the gate of an n-channel mosfet, which had the source attached to ground, and the drain attached to a resistor which was connected to a reference voltage. I was then asked if I knew what the circuit did.

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I was not familiar with the circuit, and did not know it's output/operation at first glance. However, I told the interviewers that I could walk them through how I would go about solving the circuit and figuring out what the output would be. I choose two different input voltages and analyzed the circuit and resulting output for each case. My analysis and output was correct for each case, and they told me the circuit was an op-amp window comparator circuit (a simple google search will show you the basic circuit that I described above).

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Questions about 802.11 ac scalability and deployment. when would it be recommended to shift from 2.4 to 5 GHz 802.11 standards like n and ac. What are requirements other than the APs. Client side requirements like Client radios, existing Ethernet network.

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Tell me something about your experience?

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Question about their tester diagram and circuits..Also ADC, DAC convert..

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How do you deal with conflict?

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Many of the questions were around problem solving I had performed in a similar role with a similar product.

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Tell me about a project you were on that failed and draw the block diagram.

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what will you do when will have a lot of stuffs to do?

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Describe operation of the constant off time buck converter. Draw a block diagram of a buck converter with low power mode high efficiency control.

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what is ATE?

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