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Questions about 802.11 ac scalability and deployment. when would it be recommended to shift from 2.4 to 5 GHz 802.11 standards like n and ac. What are requirements other than the APs. Client side requirements like Client radios, existing Ethernet network.

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The manager seemed happy with my asnwers

A circuit was drawn on the whiteboard consisting of two op-amps with reference voltages and and input voltage going into both op-amps. The outputs of the mosfet each had diodes, which were both attached to the gate of an n-channel mosfet, which had the source attached to ground, and the drain attached to a resistor which was connected to a reference voltage. I was then asked if I knew what the circuit did.

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What was a situation in your career where you went above and beyond your job?

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General op amp and filter questions.

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Question about their tester diagram and circuits..Also ADC, DAC convert..

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How do you deal with conflict?

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what will you do when will have a lot of stuffs to do?

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Tell me about a project you were on that failed and draw the block diagram.

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Many of the questions were around problem solving I had performed in a similar role with a similar product.

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