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How would you handle a differing opinion from another experienced Engineer.

1 Answer

Let him explain his position in detail. Agree with as much as I can, using "I" statements, never using "I don't think YOU. . ." Additionally, I use alot of diagram detail to explain my positions, which proves confidence and most people are visual learners.

If water in a well rises 2 feet each day and falls 1 foot each night, how long til the water reaches the top of a 10 foot well

9 Answers

If you placed a perforating gun 2000 ft underneath the ground and ignite the charge. Which direction would it blast? If you were do the same, but the depth was 200 ft, would you expect the same direction? Why?

7 Answers

Asked me to describe a time where i faced a technical challenge to which i hadn't been trained on before and how did i handle it.

5 Answers

You are hiking through the jungle and stumble across a treasure chest in a 9ft DIA, 11 ft deep hole. List solutions to the retrieval of the treasure chest.

5 Answers

Why are manhole covers round?

3 Answers

What informed your interest in Clark ?

3 Answers

Which would you care more for, safety or production output ?

2 Answers

change Linux folder permission

3 Answers

How would you troubleshoot an unresponsive user interface monitor using a multipage schematic?

3 Answers
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