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FIeld Engineer Wireline Interview Questions


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If x amount of weight was applied to a cable with a cutoff of xx weight, how much force would a motor have to produce to cut-off the cable?

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Why is a manhole cover round?

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There weren't any very difficult questions. If you have been through the interview process you will more than likely be able to get through the phone interview to the 1:1. Then it seems like it's whether they think you can do the job or not.

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The had us as a group to try and make a square with a rope that was not tied and we were blindfolded. Then they unblindfolded the guy without his glasses to give instructions to the rest of the group.

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Not many difficult questions. Have to give a presentation on a service line (basic and standard info off their site).

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Tell us a joke?( This was in front of the candidates and SLB interviewers)

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If there is some thing that your project team mates will ask you to improve about yourself, what would that be?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Would you mind working 100 plus hour weeks?

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