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The next day I went for a second "interview" only to find out that it wasn't an interview, it was a field trip!!! and to my surprise I had to pay for travel and food expenses from my pocket!! no previous info on the field trip and no info on how I will make money?? very misleading company, why ask 8 hours from your day to go face to face to speak to strangers on the streets and not even give a metrocard?!? and when I ask the guy why I have to pay? he said because this is only the 2nd interview, I was like what? there are more coming my way and your not paying?!? I said No thanks, I came here to get money in the first place, not to spent.

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My advice is to do alot of research before you go to the interview. they won't tell you anything. They don't got time for that!!

If you encounter a business owner that tells you to leave their store , what would you do.

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what are your goals

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Describe a promotion that you implemented and if it was a success or not, and if not a success then how could it have been made better?

Give an example of an adversity you faced and what solutions you came up with to remedy the situation.

Where away from work that i had performed in a pressured situation, and info about the company

When did you ever have a difficult customer and how did you deal with it?

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