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VIP PetCare
Field Operation Manager was asked...March 21, 2018

Why going from private practice to corporate

2 Answers

Many questions regarding change management. Since this was management position the question of how you manage change was not a surprise, but the amount of time that was spent on the subject. From my prior experience, managing change goes with being a leader of any organization. Less

Does VIP have a policy regarding piercings or hair color?

New Relic

Q: What is the most important thing when you work for a company?

2 Answers

People working together.

Time management, skills and smart work

American Humane

Questions you would be asked in most interviews. Being a non-profit, there were a few questions relating to that aspect. Especially checking that the company mission aligns with your own.

1 Answers

I was prepared for the questions that every interviewer must ask. I heavily researched the company beforehand to make sure that it was a good fit for my experiences and career goals. Less

Focal Systems

What level of education do you have, and what do you hope to continue learning?

1 Answers

I have a bachelors in business administration, and I am nearly finished with a masters of science in analytics. I hope to continue learning computer science. Less

US Agency for International Development

How many years of experience do you have managing crop project? Explain about how you understand and apply the benefits of precision agriculture, spatial data analysis, field imaging, and new technologies to high-quality field research

1 Answers

How many years of experience do you have managing teamwork Did you have some experience with Audit and ensure production facility and processes to ensure managers / employees adhere to ISO, HACCP, Quality Systems and Quality Assurance programs Less


Tell how you have influenced a decision or change in your current [or past] organization.

1 Answers

I reflected on several examples where I had influenced new programs, policies or changes in my current organziation. When I was finished, she said. Okay, but HOW did you influence the decision? Less


They dove into old projects and work experience that applied to the job that was being applied for. There was no standout "gotcha" questions that were asked.

1 Answers

I told them about prior work experience and projects that were completed that had bearing to what they were currently involved with. Less


How do you handle multiple tasks

1 Answers


Sears Home Services

Tell me about a time a subordinate was failing at completing a task, how did you handle it?

1 Answers

My answer was positive, give a problem or situation and end with a solution. My interviewer kept coming back to this question and my answer, and basically said that he thought someone like me "looks like they lack professional skills." When he said that remark, I was very close to walking out.... Less


Mostly based on dealing with discipline and managing others.

1 Answers

I used my military experience as my answers.

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