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Field reimbursement manager Interview Questions


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A reimbursement scenario which was difficult for you or where you were not able to get reimbursement.

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Experience with the process in helping to gain access to premium priced therapies not on formulary or denied coverage.

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How much experience do you have with J-codes and drugs that have no code assigned to them?

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What are your Strengths ?

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Can you manage a high level of travel.

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How would I feel about being in the Field a lot and travel a lot?

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Tell me about your experience with Speciality Pharmacies ?

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Have you worked with hubs before? Have you worked with buy and bill reimbursement? Understand Part D?

A sales rep calls and tells you that one of his biggest clients, needs you to stop by because they are having a reimbursement issue. The clinic is 4 hours away and your schedules is booked for the next week. How would you handle the sales rep that is insisting that you drive 4 hours to meet a client since they are having reimbursement issues.

Covance uses targeted selection interviewing. The questions are always in a format of something like, "Tell me about a specific time that you had to deal with a customer complaint. What was the situation, how did you handle it, and what was the resolution?" You must answer all parts of the question and be as specific as possible. If you haven't given all the information needed they will ask follow up questions in order to get the details.

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