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Describe a time when you encountered an aversion in the sales process, how did you deal with the aversion and what was the outcome.

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Described a time when a sale was made even in the face of an aversion.

Tell me about a time when you...lead a project, won a customer over who was dissatisfied, etc. Typical open questions

It was very informal. He asked a few behavioral questions that all built off one another - he started broad and ended narrow. It didn't really feel like an interview the way he addressed me. He seemed truly interested in knowing me. My wife was listening to my entire phone screen and she asked why i kept laughing at the end.... Wasn't sure if that was good or bad.... The face to face was good, but there were some questions that were repeated - Are you comfortable with travel? Are you aware of the travel requirements? I understand ingraining those questions, but further organization could have been presented. I actually gave HR a hard time because he was so involved with the process I was surprised he didn't supply questions for everyone.... He was quick to let me know they are working to get to that point.

I didn't know that they wanted a high level presentation that would close a C level executive, so my presentation was a bit too technical for the audience and I think I almost failed the interview because I went a little too deep in the weeds. I remedied the situation by adjusting my pitch and pulling out a separate ROI deck that I had given at a conference

All behavioral questions. Tells about a time when kind of crap.

Do you have a personal relationship with XEO at Company Fortune 500 Company

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Tell about a time you had to overcome no

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