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What would you consider a "long work day"?

3 Answers

Aim high here, to create the impression that you're accustomed or not averse to working long shifts like the ones they work on the rigs. I said "16 hours" which seemed good.

Having no work

16, but have worked more, up to and including many 24's.

Describe a situation when you were working in a team project and your team experienced a major problem. How did you and your team react to this situation and resolved the issue?

Working in a team, how have you handled a difficult situation? What do you look for in a supervisor? Do you work well having a supervisor tell you what to do? what do you do if you have a team member not contributing as they should?

Basic behavioral. Examples of mechanical aptitude.

Suppose you have a balance (scale) and you have five seemingly identical spheres of an unknown mass. Four of the five spheres have the same mass, while one is slightly different, but cannot be distinguished by simply feeling them. In as few trials as possible, how would you determine which of the five spheres has a different mass? Draw me a picture and explain your thought process.

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