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List your 3 weakness and how can you improve them.

4 Answers

Must people struggle answering personal weakness. Keep in mind how to improve or eliminate personal weakness.

My weakness is I drank the Directv Kool Aide

My other weakness is I'm my RDO sex slave

What do you know about Suddenlink? Most people do not research the company they are interested in which is an insult. So do your background research. Be ready to answer why you are the best candidate for the job without using the canned statements, "I'm a hard worker, I'm a fast learner, etc".

1 Answer

How do you currently support yourself?

1 Answer

Do you have reliable transportation.

1 Answer

Very basic questions.

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I was asked about problem solving within the office environment and also working with creative types.

1 Answer

How many years I spent in service, what branch, any law enforcement experience, security clearance and if I'd ever been fired from a job....Oh, if I had ever been convicted of a felony. That's a good question....Good thing they do a background check because felons lie...

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How many previous cement jobs had I been doing for previous company and locations.

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