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BMW of Brooklyn
File Clerk was asked...January 3, 2014

why do you want to work for us

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Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff

Why did i want to work for them? Was i willing to walk and stand for long hours of the day? Dis i have any reservations about traveling all day, even in the rain and snow? (and this being the weird part) Was i willing to walk dogs? etc., even though that wasn't apart of my job description.

1 Answers

Of Course i said i would do the work, just like any body else that was looking for work. but honestly looking back, was it all worth it for 12 dollars an hour? i'd have to say no. It was a great experience, but not enough compensation for the amount of work i had to do. Less

Schulte, Anderson, Downes, Aronson & Bittner

Q: Why do you think that we falsely advertise ourselves?

1 Answers

Because you had an internal candidate and in order to seem like your following the law you put out an ad but you never had any intention of being fair in this process. Less

They asked if I planned to take more than 2 days off per month.

1 Answers

Told them I do not.

Selman Breitman

What is a personal fault?

1 Answers

I am an extremely competitive person. I have been involved in sports throughout life and have always wanted to be the best. Sometimes I must realize this while at work and take a step back. Less

Henkels & McCoy

What would you do if you got stuck and couldn't complete a task?

1 Answers

Ask for help.


What are you looking to get out of this job?

1 Answers

I am looking to gain professional experience that I will be able to use after college graduation. Less


How organized are you personally?

1 Answers

I'm generally pretty organized, but I understand that sometimes things get hectic and it's important to stay calm even when things are messier than I'd like. Less

Warner Bros.
File Clerk was asked...January 27, 2020

What do you plan on achieving with this role?

1 Answers

I plan to get a promotion after I graduate.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

What do you like to do in your spare time?

1 Answers

Play video games, take walks in the park, or go to the movies.

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