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If you could know for sure either the Sales, Costs, or Advertising Costs associated with launching a new product which would you choose?

1 Answer

I chose Costs thinking if you knew the marginal costs going forward you could work around the rest. Asked some classmates their thoughts some agreed others thought Sales would be better to know.

At a party everyone shakes hands, 66 hand shakes occur, how many people are at the party?

9 Answers

There are two stocks with the same expected value, with variance 0.3 and 0.2 and correlation 0.5. What proportion of each stock do you invest in to yield a minimum risk portfolio?

4 Answers

What would you do if you presented products/services, client was very interested, had no further questions, price was right, and still they did not sign a contract.

3 Answers

Evaluate the integral from 0 to pi/6 of sec(x) dx.

3 Answers

If W is standard Brownian Motion, for what values of n is W^n still a martingale?

3 Answers

If you were to enter an elevator and there were 9 other people in the elevator, what would you do?

2 Answers

Efficient way to compute p^q, where q is an integer

2 Answers

What is a yield curve? Under what circumstances would this curve be inverted?

1 Answer

Write code to multiply two matrices.

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