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"Look at this pen and tell me all of the inputs required to make it and bring it to market."

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I responded starting with the process of sourcing the raw materials for production, labor, electricity needed, and just listed several inputs until they were satisfied.

How would you go about finding the amount of individual franchises of a franchise in the United? Behavioral- what kind of person do you want to work with the most/ least like to work with. How would you handle criticism.Walk us through your resume. How would you meet a company's profit margin(cutting costs etc.). Are you proficient in excel? What are the costs associated with this pen? How are your time management skills? What brought you to apply to this position.

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I was asked an accounting question on what costs go into making a pen.

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Normal interview questions, asked about some excel skills

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What are the debits and credits of making this pen?

There was also a simple depreciation question that you had to calculate.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What are your greatest strengths/weaknesses? What kind of experience do you have using Microsoft Excel/Access?

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What is your least favorite class and why?

What functions in excel did you use in you previous experience ?

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