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What skills or training would prepare me for the job based on the job description?

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I am highly detail-oriented and like to make sure things are correct. I spend a little more time making sure the data is right and doing checks but in the long run I make less mistakes this way and don't have to go back and fix things.

If you had a sixth finger, what could you do differently

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What interested me in the role of the Marketing Finance Controller

It felt more like a conversation sharing some particulars about my experience.

Are you willing to go forward with this interview process even though we are selling off the division?

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If you had to craft your ideal position, what would it be?

What are your salary requirements?

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1) Very childish Deltek software questions. 2) More questions about my past position 20 years ago then the current position. 3) Tried asking technical accounting questions to put you down.

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