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Where would you locate the factory for Lemon and Lime and what investment analysis was used to reach this conclusion?

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Risk factors played a huge role in making this investment decision. Obviously, need solid NPV analysis and explanation of data, but the qualitative portion involved understanding the relevant risks in building the new factory in each potential location. Try to match your answer with what you feel is the company culture regarding investment planning and decision making (i.e. stable, solid growth versus risky high growth potential project)

Do you plan on taking the CPA exam.

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Nothing difficult or unexpected at all, they were all textbook questions that everybody hates... "Tell me your biggest weakness," and "Why do you feel you are the best fit for this job?" -- BORING!

Describe a time you really had to motivate your team. What exactly did you say?

Describe in detail the steps you would take in determining which and how much funding each department gets.

Simple managerial and financial accounting questions to ensure you understand credits/debits, and fixed/variable costs.

If you had a team, how would you go about dealing with conflict within that team?

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