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What are you an expert in? and Are you just looking for a job? were questions that came from the Director of the PMO. Having been in consulting for the last 16 years, I was surprised by these types of questions. Both include known "pifalls", calling yourself an expert or job vs career. After responding to these questions, post interview I could have handled them a better with qualifying questions or better organizing my though process in a way to address what I have been doing the last 16 years.

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So be prepared for that antagonistic interviewer who will come across in attack mode.

Walk me through your resume. Tell me how you accomplish a big project and how do you overcame the challenges.

Behavioral questions - situation, what you did, what was the result.

No difficult or unexpected questions. Very typical questions like "name your strengths/weaknesses", and "how would you handle this particular situation".

The exercise I needed to turn in was challenging, especially given the time constraint. I would say that it was a good learning experience though, and a good test of my abilities

I was asked how I respond to areas of uncertainty. The role I applied for was relatively new and wasn't a traditional role within the organization. I would be responsible for restructuring the position and creating my own way to achieve corporate goals.

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Describe how you handled a difficult client or an argument with a co-worker

They make you take a general assessment including programming, math, and grammar. Some of the math is a bit difficult.

Why do you want to work for a dinosaur like Amtrak; what about all of the opportunities in DC?

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