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Case study. They give you a case in real world financial situation. And they expect you to answer the questions regarding that.

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I could not come up with good answers in this round. They expect you to think in management level.

how many jellybeans will fit in 747

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How would you handle a circumstance when you had a routine project from your manager (who is out of town), but received a request for assistance to complete a project another team is working on?

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Describe situations in the past that were challenging and how you overcame them.

Walk me through your resume, tell me about yourself

a time that working with a group of others or one other did not work out, why didn't it work and what was my role in trying to facilitate progress.

3 positives and 3 negatives about myself

Senior Manager at on-site interview start the interview by asking me about current economic and market news. Which is a little surprise for an audit entry level position.

Very high level. No challenging questions because both of the interviewers were not prepared to meet with me.

1. What did you in a situation in which you had a problem with a team member? What was the process and how did you handle it? 2. Describe a time when you lead a change. What was the situation and how was the process?

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